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Piercing The Pearl - A Sexy Novelette

RRP $12.99

What's a sexy, naughty professional with an undercover penchant for body-art and now piercings to do when she's new to town and ready for her first foray into body piercing? Call in the best body art and tattoo artist Atlanta, Ga has to offer! Matt Parker shows up with professionalism and piercing in mind but both of have a welcome change of mind the minute they see each other and sparks begin to fly. See what happens in Piercing the Pear

Body Piercing And Identity Construction

RRP $288.99

Based on a fifteen year longitudinal cross-cultural analysis on the role of the body in identity construction process around the world, this analysis provides readers with a comparative theoretical exploration of piercing and other forms of body modification that international communities of defiance use to express their identity.

How To Build The Rugby Player Body

RRP $13.99

If you want to Build Muscle, Lose Fat and look like a Rugby Player without steroids, good genetics, or throwing precious time and hard-earned money down the drain at the gym...then read on. We've all seen the fantastic physiques on show at the Rugby World Cup, Rugby League and Rugby Union - huge thighs, the big chest, wide back and bulging arms. But it's the aesthetics - the whole body looks tight, compact, powerful, and yet not overly bulky or ripped. That is the type of physique that gets attention and if you're interested in creating that physique than i can help. This is a full 2 week training and diet manual that you simply follow and repeat. It is varied enough for you to keep using forever and to manipulate if you see fit. The book contains: 26 Chapters jammed full of training regimes and dietary plans 12 full muscle bulging workouts to manipulate to continually experiment with that trains the entire body twice over the 2 weeks All 2 weeks of diet and nutrition including protein shakes Laid out simply for at-a-glance if you're on the go at the gym or training at home. --Firstly... I keep things simple - no B.S rubbish about doing LESS training and eating LESS and how there is some SECRET holding you back. How did the bodybuilders in the 60's and 70's look so great? Training frequency and nutrition. How and what - that's the only secret. But you've probably been doing some of the things right but not all - that's where this book can help you. I focus on 3 simple cornerstones... --Training Frequency Don't worry you don't need to follow months of weird training routines - mine is two weeks - and repeat. A hard and heavy week one - followed by a lighter week two, but we still hit hard. Muscles are shocked into growth in week one and recover in week two. I lay out all the routines 'at-a-glance' for quick checking on your phone or tablet while at the gym. --BodyFat Through the intensity of the workouts and the nutritional plan we are going to reduce your body fat. Why? Your Testosterone is utilized at it's best when you have a lower body fat percentage. --Nutrition Nutrition is considered the most important part of building muscle. If the nutrition is incorrect then it doesn't matter how impeccable your training routines are, you will not progress. I'm sure you have an idea about nutrition, but I'm here to give your knowledge a little boast. You've heard of high protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats? But what is the most effective foods to eat to get those essential nutrients. I include a days meal plan with every day of training. Finally... I also go into the tips for maximizing size including what supplements to use and when. I also go into tips for maximizing training intensity - Supersets and TUT. This is all about power and guts - it's time to create that Rugby Player Body that you always wanted. Imagine you in a 3 months time and people complimenting you on how you look? Let's make a change and get started! No more wasted workouts - check out this 26 chapter rugby player workout training guide and get building size!

Piercing The Corporate Veil In Latin American Jurisprudence

RRP $451.99

This book is a comparative law study exploring the piercing of the corporate veil in Latin America within the context of the Anglo-American method. The piercing of the corporate veil is a remedy applied, in exceptional circumstances, to prevent and punish an inappropriate use of the corporate personality. The application of this remedy and the issues it involves has been widely researched in Anglo-American jurisdictions and, until recently, little attention has been given to this subject in Latin America. This region has been through internal political conflicts that undermined economic development. However, rise of democratic governments has created the political stability necessary for investment and economic development meaning that the corporate personality is now more commonly used in Latin America. Consequently, corporate personality issues have become a subject of study in this region. Drawing on case studies from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, Piercing the Corporate Veil in Latin American Jurisprudence examines the ingenuity of Latin American jurisdictions to deal with corporate personality issues and compares this method with the Anglo-American framework. Focusing in particular on the influence of two key factors- legal tradition and the uniqueness of each legal system- the author highlights both similarities and differences in the way in which the piercing of the corporate veil is applied in Latin American and Anglo-American jurisdictions. This book will be of great interest to scholars of company and comparative law, and business studies in general.


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